Seam-free sustainable 3D Knitwear

We aim to be transparent at every step of our journey and integrate a sustainable approach into everything we do across the business. Made with love and made to last, our new, seam-free, sustainable whole garment knitwear range raise the essential attributes of knitwear, comfort, lightness and resilience to an entirely new level of sophistication.

Our knitwear is produced in three dimension so it wraps your body for the perfect fit

Environmentally Friendly – The Ultimate Eco knitwear

Usually, knitwear is produced by knitting each part (front body, back body, and sleeves, etc.) separately and sewing them together while remaining fabric is discarded as waste. In contrast, our whole garment knitwear is produced in one entire piece three-dimensionally directly on the knitting machine, preventing wasted material such as cut loss and seam allowance – providing you with “second skin” comfort and offering benefits never before found in other garment types, making our pieces the ultimate eco knitwear.

Conventional knitwear – Parts are cut out from fabric and sewn together, while the remaining fabric is discarded as waste

Our Seam-Free knitwear – Produced in its entirety, no material is wasted.

Additional benefits of this technique include

Dimensional shaping creates clean shoulder lines and produces a garment that conforms better to the shape of the body

Knitted-in necklines and collars create a refined and sophisticated look

Seams no longer interfere with the continuity of the knit fabric from front to back. In addition, for garments with complex patterns using multiple pieces, 3D shaping using knitted-in darts creates a beautiful silhouette with flowing drape

No seams under the arms eliminates the bulky discomfort of typical sewn knitwear

At Ethereal, we want to help you curate a timeless, sustainable wardrobe that’s made to last with clothes that you fall in love with, we know that ‘one size’ does not fit all and source and produce pieces cut to flatter different body shapes. By eliminating sewn seams, our knitwear provides an abundance of benefits – seams no longer interfere with the stretch of the knitwear and provides ideal comfort, so you can move more freely and allow the garment to sit and flow naturally.

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