Husband and Wife Duo Annie & Barry Holt, founders of Ethereal London, have the perfect combination of creative, fashion and financial backgrounds for their new venture set to launch in February 2018

Having completed a fashion design degree and worked in the fashion retail industry for the last 14 years Annie, who will be the face of the business, always dreamt of setting up her own label.  She came up with her business idea 2 years ago securing domain names at that point but could never quite pluck up the courage to make the leap and leave behind her career in the industry and safe monthly salary. Telling herself that one day, if and when her and her co-founder Husband/Accountant, started a family she would definitely see the dream through on maternity leave….as they have learnt things do not always turn out as planned and starting a family was not as straight forward as they thought.

June 2017 was the turning point as the duo successfully completed a frozen embryo IVF cycle at the same time as Annie was made redundant from her role of 7yrs as the retail company she worked for was placed into administration. The final push she needed to make the leap of faith and start moving forward with their dream…now 9 months into the journey and with a beautiful newborn baby boy they are set to have a busy 2018!


Have you ever been into a shop and seen a dress you love but thought: ‘if only….[insert any variation of styling aesthetic or fit issues here; longer, shorter, with a sleeve etc]’? this is what Annie, the founder at Ethereal London, wants to change. Every woman is different and ‘one size’ does not fit all in terms of styling so she wants to enable women to have more choices, taking into consideration any personal body confidence issues and style preferences.

Annie has also always loved silk and had an obsession with certain types of floral prints and wanted to bring these two elements together to create a feminine, understated and elegant clothing range with a distinct product and print handwriting. All the styles are made to the highest standards and are fully lined with that all important pocket discreetly hidden in the side seams of all the styles, to give your feminine look that little bit of modern attitude