Making beautiful clothes in a beautiful way.


Our philosophy

Understated, feminine, elegant and timeless – our brand values help nurture our processes so we can create pieces that are made with love, and made to last. The customer is at the heart of everything we do and we want you to be able to wear our collections without compromising on these values.

We aim to be transparent at every step of our journey and integrate a sustainable approach into everything we do across the business, working hard to uphold recommended fashion guidelines and continue to educate ourselves as these evolve. Most importantly, we want you to see the word ‘sustainability’ against our brand and truly understand what we are doing to fulfil this proposition both ethically and with integrity.

Our processes

Smart manufacturing

We have introduced the use of 3D design technology to reduce the requirement for physical samples, waste and unnecessary labour throughout the development of our designs. Through this process, we can be more reactive to customer feedback and adjust our collections with less wasted inventory. You’ll see these designs on our shop section of the website, reducing the need for photography and the carbon footprint that comes with fashion shoots in the long run. Smart manufacturing is significantly improving our efficiency, reducing waste and removing any risk of unsold products and the need for landfill.


We use the highest quality fabrics and try to choose materials that put less strain on the environment. For example, we’ve introduced silk bamboo, which grows quickly and requires very little agricultural maintenance but is a soft and luxurious fabric. It is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating and breathable. All our materials are sourced ethically and in small batches, and we only print or dye what we use. Our careful pattern cutting process reduces waste, and we use any excess fabric to make additional accessories. We are working hard to certify all our fabric sources continually and at every point a new fabric is introduced. We already know that our chosen UK silk mill is working towards gaining GOTS certification *

Digital printing

Digital printing saved over 40 billion litres of water worldwide in 2018. It uses smaller quantities of dye colours; approximately 10% of the volume used for standard screen-printing. We also use up available greige (undyed or untreated) stocks both silk and other luxury fabrics we feel are suitable to the brand to ensure we are being resourceful.


Our new, seam-free sustainable knitwear is knitted in three dimensions without seams, providing you with a second skin comfort and offering benefits never before found in other garment types. Conventional knitwear with seams means fabric is cut and sewn together while the remaining fabric is discarded as waste, while wholegarment knitwear is produced entirely on a machine meaning there is no cut loss and each of our pieces are created with the minimum amount of necessary material and no waste at all  – making it the ultimate eco knitwear.
Read more about this process here


All our fabrics and garments are sourced and produced with love and care. A large part of sustainability is working with people in respectful, local and long-term partnerships. We have three key partners that produce our garments in small controlled environments in the UK, Portugal and the Far East. All of these partners support fair wages and working conditions and are trusted with the same quality control and values as ours.

Orders & Packaging

We do not work to traditional seasons or timelines like the high street and our clothes are designed to be season-less. We do not over buy our products, we operate a pre order system to gauge desire and buy in small order batches and re buys to minimise any risk of unsold products or need for landfill.

All our packaging is recyclable, we do not use plastic to deliver to our customers we use a small amount of plastic to protect the garments from the factory however recycle this and are currently looking at a biodegradable alternative. We do not provide printed invoices to follow a paperless mentality, the postcards we pack with our orders are a memento to keep or send on to a loved one and are printed on recycled card

We ship using DHL and Royal Mail who are both committed to improving their carbon footprint to create a greener more sustainable service.

Our commitment

We’re striving to be a more conscious brand in the way we both design, source and produce our collections. We know it is a journey and are always searching for ways we can improve. At the moment, we are looking to partner with a rental service and also how we can offer repairs, button and trim replacements to support customers in the future should they require it so they can love their ethereal dresses forever. We are also looking into the opportunity to trial new fabrics and innovations with Peace silk and recycled fabrics on our agenda

Our partnerships

It is not just about the clothes we are constantly reviewing and taking steps to improve our environmental and ethical processes from our fabrics and factories to our packaging and charities supported

We want to make a difference in the lives of our customers but also those who are less fortunate. We have chosen to support key charities on our journey and you can read more about these in our style notes section ‘A Heart for Business’.

*GOTS is a textile production certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles, GOTS certificates mean that a product meets the very highest standards.