Coming Soon

Our New Vintage Floral Collection will be arriving to brighten your days in time for Spring

Giving you a sneak peak at our next collection due for delivery in Spring

The Vintage Floral print and collection was as always inspired by the natural beauty and flowers but also inspired by our vintage finds and treasures and re imagined into the current day. The bright contrasting floral colours bring fun and light to the new year and it is the perfect feminine alternative to update your wardrobe and re-emerge from the darkness with uplifted spirits. Flowers to brighten everyday and to shine in at all those lovely events

You will be able to Pre Order these styles from 15th February

We are passionate about producing in limited production runs as the fashion industry is responsible for a huge amount of waste every year were larger brands often produce more than they sell.

Using a Pre-Order system is one of the ways we work in order to approach things in a more considered way both from a production and a consumption perspective.

Slow Fashion, Timeless Fashion, made with love and made to last is our approach

We will be opening our ‘Pre-Order’ Soon to give you the chance to get your hands on the styles first before the order is made. By taking your pre order it means we can make the clothes more consciously and minimise waste at all parts of our process, its also very exciting knowing that your garment is being made especially for you and anticipating its arrival.

Why not give Pre order a go?

Don’t worry if you want to wait until the styles are readily available we will hold a small amount of stock you can order from however once they are gone they may not be available again so don’t miss out, if you love it buy it

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